For or against season 5 of ‘La Casa de Papel’ ?: the fans are divided

Netflix has already released the new episodes of fiction, which have given rise to all kinds of opinions. Volume 2 premieres on December 3.

Many shots, grenades and love between characters. So we could summarize the first part of season 5 of The Money Heist. Netflix premiered on September 3 the five episodes that make up the beginning of the end and have generated all kinds of comments. To be honest, the band of El Professor (Álvaro Morte) makes the odd surrealist move, but who wants realism when they are having a great time?

Those are the two sides of the coin. On the one hand, those who do not buy the tricks of the leader of the band and who expect a little more precision in action scenes. On the other, who does not take into account how long a grenade takes to explode and is left with that final wink of the character before taking all his enemies ahead. Rigor in battle or spectacularity above the narrative?

That’s the biggest dilemma posed by the fifth season of The Money Heist. The team of Alex Pina has not managed to balance both aspects of fiction, but something tells us that it did not have that goal either. It seems that, from the beginning, they wanted to entertain the public rather than stick to the reality of the fight, but many viewers have stopped watching it precisely because of this. They believe that the series contains more and more surreal scenes.

The enormous amount of bullets that are lost in the room, that two-ton statue that they manage to lift we still do not know how, their glances through the window without any sniper finishing with them – despite being surrounded – the incredible recovery from Gandía, Tokyo’s ability to catch a grenade in the air and throw it again… And the list can go on. It is clear that if someone is looking for a documentary on the use of weapons and combat tactics, this is not their series.

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Instead, season 5 of The Money Heist hosts some of the biggest tense scenes on television in recent years. It may or may not be credible, but Arturito’s reaction, the delivery of Inspector Sierra (Najwa Nimri) or insider trading between cops and thieves is pure entertainment. Not forgetting the last moments of the first volume, when Manila (Belén Cuesta), Denver (Jaime Lorente) and Tokio (Úrsula Corberó) find themselves surrounded by their enemies and with no possible escape. That sequence holds the attention of any viewer.

“I know some people are not so discouraged by these unrealistic details, but it happens non-stop in almost every scene. Five of the worst episodes I have seen on television,” writes a user of Reddit. Another comment answers that he agrees with the low credibility of the series, but highlights other factors. “I loved the character development of the season, but I agree that the action scenes were very cartoonish. I had no problem with ammunition, snipers, or how Tokyo came out. I even liked the pomegranate part [cuando la coge en el aire]”writes the redditor.

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Viewers give season 5 of The Money Heist A lower score than the first installments, but it remains at the same level as the last two and none of its episodes is less than notable. At this point, one thing is clear: do we want rigor or watch Tokyo blow up 10 soldiers at once?

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