Gauvin Sers: “In Toulouse, I understood that I wanted to become a singer”

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He had written a magnificent poem in homage to Samuel Paty and his latest album “Ma place dans le monde” has just been released. Gauvin Sers, the tender singer with texts will perform at the Casino Barrière on October 15th. Meet.

You started out on the Bijou stage in Toulouse, it’s a venue that suits you well …

Exactly ! Obviously now we are doing a little bigger venues but I like coming back to such venues and what made me like to do often very intimate, acoustic concerts, just with Martial Bort on guitar, for two. It is with this formula that we did the first parts of Renaud, that everything got a little packed, and I like to come back to it every time we release a new album.

So exactly how did you conceive this new album?

Honestly I try to conceive that as the logical continuation of the first two while trying to evolve nevertheless in the subjects and in the production, musically also, to seek more maturity, elegance… At the beginning the album had to To call oneself “Strange feeling” then the song “Your place in this world” arrived which represents the whole album well, it seems to me. There is a special atmosphere, full of different characters, the fact that looking for your place can happen at all ages, in all social circles … And we do not ask the question in the same way at 18 as at 50 but I thought it was a good way to perhaps summarize the times in which we are living. And I hope that it will be a song that we can also listen to in 10-15 years without saying to ourselves “Hey, it was written at that time!”

And for the sound, who did you work with?

With the director Renaud Letang who is a bit of a big figure in directing and production in France. I wanted to work with him because I loved the albums he had worked on like all the Souchons since “C’est déjà ça”, “Foule sentimentale”, “Au ras des daisies” then “Clandestino” by Manu Chao which has had a crazy worldwide success. I like both its modern side in the albums and very timeless.

Does the popular word have a special meaning for you?

Already this is not a bad word at all and it is not a posture for me but rather obvious. And for me music must be popular. What is beautiful about this art is that you enter into people’s lives and that someone who listens to your songs in their bathroom in the morning, in their car to go to work, that they can understand. , to be moved, to have chills, I find that quite magnificent. So popular means accessible to everyone and in concerts that’s great, all sections of society are there, from grandparents to grandchildren. It is one of my greatest pride that!

Album “Your Place in this World” (Romance Musique / Universal Music). Gauvin Sers in concert Friday, October 15 at 8:30 p.m. at the Casino Barrière (18, chemin de la Loge), Toulouse. Prices: from € 30.30. Phone. 05 61 33 37 77 (
Moreover, it will occur this evening Friday September 3 at Astaffort as part of the 50th Rencontres d’Astaffort.