Gers. Meeting with the songwriter Philippe Candelon, Parisian scenes in the vineyards of Saux-Neuf

the essential
Composer and performer, Philippe Candelon has long performed on major Parisian stages, before settling in the Gers and creating a performance hall there. He presents, on the occasion of the Heritage Days, the 200th performance of his musical show “Camino de Santiago”.

Torn between the need for the stage and that of nature, Philippe Candelon decided, after years of living in Paris, to concentrate on the essentials and to “reconnect with natural beauty” by returning to settle in the department. who saw him grow up. It is therefore in Fleurance, in the heart of Lomagne gersoise, that the singer-songwriter has succeeded in recent years in reconnecting with his roots.

“I spent my childhood at La Romieu in the vines and flowers, recalls the director. I then studied horticulture”. But his passion for the theater and the song catches up with him quickly, when a troupe intervenes in his high school. “I went from agriculture to culture,” smiles the artist.

“A change of life”

In 1985, he then joined Roger Louret’s troupe, “Les baladins en Agenais”, which saw Muriel Robin and Olivier Claverie pass. Years of plays and musicals followed, until the consecration: in 1995, “The Twist Years” won the Molière for best musical performance. Then, Philippe Candelon launches out alone and interprets many roles in successful plays, such as the musical Romeo and Juliet.

But after years on the Parisian stages, “the context did not really bring me any more pleasure, explains the Gersois. I was fed up with showbiz and I needed a change in my life”. He then decides to embark on the paths of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle by joining, on foot, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and the city of the apostle in Galicia.

“A remarkable and memorable experience” for the artist. “With 6 kg on your back, we go towards others, whether we are religious or not. We meet people from all sides, united in the same quest. The” Camino “makes us touch extraordinary things.” .

A link between music and the Gers countryside

On his return, he exhibited photographs of his trip and, by way of opening, performed songs “which marked [sa] life and who [lui] stuck to the lips on the Way “. An unpremeditated spectacle,” become something magical ” (see box) and a solo album.

After such an experience, “during which we take stock of his life”, Philippe Candelon cannot imagine living again in Paris. It is therefore in the heart of the Gers countryside, within the Fleurantine domain of Saux-Neuf, that he settles down. Surrounded by the vine and his family, the singer finally finds a way to link his two passions.

In 2015, he created, with his friend Gregory Bobbato, a performance hall on the estate, where they organize concert meals. It is therefore in these peaceful places that the songwriter “never stops creating”, while cultivating the garden and enjoying a return to his roots.

The 200th performance of “Camino de Santiago”

On the occasion of the Heritage Days which take place this weekend, Philippe Candelon is celebrating in the heart of the Saux-Neuf estate, in Fleurance, the 200th performance of his musical show “Camino de Santiago” (“On the paths of Saint -Jacques “).

Titles of Ferrat, Mouloudji or even Leclerc follow one another, interspersed with accounts of Philippe Candelon’s journey on the way to Saint-Jacques, between Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and the city of the apostle Jacques in Galicia.

The show begins at 6.30 p.m. this Saturday, September 18 and will be followed by a convivial evening with the possibility of catering on site. The price is set at 20 €. For more information and reservations: 06 10 02 30 73.