Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Mein Spoiler Alert: Virat’s death on a mission

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Spoiler Alert: Virat’s death on a mission

Star Plus TV serial ‘Gum Hai Kisii Pyaar Mein’ (Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein) There is a lot of drama going on these days. Say’s difficulties are going to increase in the serial’s upcoming episode. Sai (Ayesha Singh) has refused to come to Virat’s house but in her mind, she is also worrying about Virat. The upcoming episode will show Say learn of Virat’s mission. Thinking of Virat (Neil Bhatt), Say’s condition will be bad. In such a situation, we will try to be around Virat.

The upcoming episode of ‘Gum hai kisi Pyaar mein’ will show that Say will come to stay in a girl’s hostel. Here Prachi will repeatedly harass her with Virat’s name. Troubled by his words, Say will tell him the truth and will try to face the difficulties in his life.
Seeing another girl with Virat, Sai will be shocked. In the upcoming episode, it will also be shown that Virat will be seen flirting with a girl to burn Sai. Seeing Virat with another girl, Saye would feel bad.

Virat will get shot on the mission. As soon as the bullet is fired, Virat will call Say last time. Virat would like to apologize for every mistake by talking to Say for the last time but Say would not pick up his phone. Virat will feel that he will not be able to forgive Say before he leaves this world.


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