Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Spoiler Alert: Pulkit-Devyani’s entry in Chauhan House

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Spoiler Alert: Pulkit-Devyani’s entry in Chauhan House
The upcoming episode of the serial ‘Gum hai Kisi ki Pyar mein’ will be a big hit. So far, it has been shown in this serial that Virat is fiercely insensitive to Say, seeing that Bhavani’s heart gets cold. Virat also evicts Sayes (Ayesha Singh) from Chauhan House. Now Bhavani is feeling that in the presence of Say, she will also keep Virat in her own fist. Well, soon all the pride of Bhavani is going to crumble.

Yes, if you look at a report of Telechakkar, Pulkit, and Devyani’s entry in Chauhan House is going to happen soon. With the help of Virat (Neil Bhatt), Pulkit and Devayani will return to the house and Bhavani’s blood will start to dry up Pulkit had earlier told Say not to tell Virat about his kidnapping. Say agreed to Pulkit but now he is going to tell all the truth to Virat himself. After hearing the truth from Pulkit’s mouth, Virat will not understand who he trusts and whom not?

In the next episode of ‘Gum hai Kisi ki Pyar mein’, Sai will show Bhavani a scene in front of the entire society. Along with Bhavani, Sai will also explain to Omkar and Ninad how lousy their thinking is. Seeing this form of Sai, Bhavani will definitely be a little shocked but she will start planning to prepare her second war to bring down Sai.

In the coming days, Sayi and Pulkit together will form a conspiracy against Bhavani that the ground will be slipped under the feet of Virat. Bhavani will soon understand why Pulkit had returned to this house. Keep reading like this and Bollywoodlife for TV serial Gossips.


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