Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Spoiler Alert: Virat will go into depression

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Spoiler Alert: Virat will go into depression

Saai Chauhan has left the house in the serial ‘Gum hai Kisi ki Pyar mein’. Along with Bhavani, now Pakhi is also breathing peacefully. Both have agreed that now Sayi will never return to Chavan House. Meanwhile, Neil Bhatt will soon find documents related to Pulkit.

Virat will be seen questioning the staff member of the college. Virat will threaten Vinayak a lot and then he will open his mouth. Vinayak will tell Virat that a man asked him to change his wife’s name in Pulkit’s document. Also, Vinayak will also reveal that he had taken pictures of that person himself.

Vinayak will show Virat the pictures of Onkar, on seeing which the ground will slide under the feet of Virat. On seeing Omkar’s picture, Virat will realize that whatever Say has been saying so far, was all true.

Virat will realize his mistake and then think about apologizing to Say. Virat will feel that Sai (Ayesha Singh) will forgive him this time without saying anything but this is not going to happen again and again. you will see that Virat will call Say but his phone will tell the switch off. Now it has to be seen that when will Virat finally get a chance to talk to Say

Virat will know the truth of Bhavani, Virat is going to know the truth of Bhavani too soon. Virat does not yet know that there is no one else but Bhavani who uses everyone as a pawn. After knowing the truth of Bhavani, Virat will go into depression and everything is going to be gilt.


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