‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Kate Walsh to play Addison again in season 18

The actress returns to the series starring Ellen Pompeo after her last appearance in the eighth installment.

Although many veterans have left Grey’s Anatomy over the years, Kate Walsh will once again play Addison Forber Montgomery in the highly anticipated season 18 of the series starring Ellen Pompeo.

This has been confirmed by the actress herself through the official Instagram account of the ABC series where she states that she is “delighted to return home joining Shonda Rhimes, Ellen Pompeo and the rest of the incredible cast. You can see the post below:

Walsh plays neonatal surgeon Addison, the same one who first appeared in the season 1 finale as Derek Sepherd’s (Patrick Dempsey) wife, which came as a shock to the audience and to Meredith, who had started to go out with him.

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Addison would thus become a very important character in Grey’s Anatomy for the next two seasons before exiting it and starring in his own series in 2007 Without appointment, the same one that managed to have six seasons and that ended in 2013.

Regardless, Walsh made several guest-star appearances on the Ellen Pompeo series since her departure. His last appearance was in season 8 in 2012., in the same episode where Kate Burton also appeared giving life to Meredith’s late mother, Ellis Gray, the same one who will also appear in several episodes of season 18.

Since Grey’s Anatomy, Kate Walsh has had a prolific career, starring in major series such as The Umbrella Academy, For thirteen reasons or the Emmy nominee Emily in Paris, both Netflix original series.