Guillaume de Tonquédec, the fictional man of the start of the school year

(AFP) – On the bill for the two series of back-to-school events, “Germinal” and “A French affair”, Guillaume de Tonquédec owes his “vocation” to television, an “extraordinary political instrument” which wins by “letting the authors express themselves, “said the actor in an interview with AFP.

The unforgettable interpreter of Renaud Lepic, the reactive but endearing father of the cult series “Fais pas ci, faire pas ça”, presides over the jury of the 23rd La Rochelle Fiction Festival, a major meeting for professionals in audiovisual media organized until Sunday.

The opportunity for the 54-year-old actor to “pay tribute to television”, to this “little black box” which moved and made his parents laugh.

And to note, through the forty works (French, French-speaking and European) in competition, the vitality of the sector. Among the themes explored, “many serious subjects (rape, prostitution, foster children …) but also many things intended for young people”.

“In form and in substance, I find that there is an increasingly interesting maturity and risk-taking”, far from “daddy’s TV”, he explains, without revealing his preferences beforehand. the winners expected on Saturday evening.

“With the arrival of platforms, the multiplicity of channels, social networks (…), if you want to survive you have to be up to date”. And “let the authors express themselves without prejudging what the + housewife under 50 + will think”.

The success of “Do not do this, do not do that”, broadcast for ten years on France 2, is according to him the proof, the chain having trusted its creator Anne Giafferi for this series “not politically correct”.

If the scenario is “the base”, underlines the actor, the move upmarket of the hexagonal production also passes by the talent of its interpreters …

César for best supporting actor in 2013 for “The first name”, winner of the Beaumarchais prize for best actor in 2017 for the play “La garçonnière”, Guillaume de Tonquédec will be visible on the first three channels of the PAF this fall.

– “naive hope” –

In “Germinal”, an adaptation of Zola already available on Salto and soon on France 2, he plays Hennebeau, the director of the mines of Montsou. A role of “villain” as claimed by the actor who looks like an ideal son-in-law, happy to participate in a work “resonating strongly with today’s society”.

In another register, he lends his features to the captain of the gendarmerie Etienne Sesmat, the first to have investigated the death of little Grégory, in “A French affair”, broadcast from Monday on TF1. “An honest man” that he did not meet, in accordance with the instructions of the production, anxious to remain impartial.

“I accepted the role after reading the script because the truth is respected” he specifies, with “the naive hope” that the fiction will advance the matter by loosening the tongues.

On M6, he will give the answer to Camille Lou and Samuel Allain Abitbol in “I will go to the end of dreams”, TV movie on the theme of disability.

The actor is not idle either on the cinema side: currently on the big screen in the film “Délicieux” by Eric Besnard, he will be showing in March of “Temps des secrets”, an adaptation of the work of Marcel Pagnol by Christophe Barratier.

A course that was not obvious for the child from Louveciennes (Yvelines), suffering from a “form of dyslexia” and astigmatism detected late.

“Learning to read, spelling and grammar was a ordeal (…) I always read very slowly”, adds the one who recounted his experience in a book published in 2018, “The doors of my imagination “.

“The famous Renaud Lepic comes back from all that”, he launches to the address of “all those who struggle at school”.