Hannah Friconnet, a natural Miss Midi-Pyrénées

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The election of Miss Midi-Pyrénées 2021 crowned Hannah Friconnet. This 21-year-old young woman, born in Castres, will try at the end of the year to win the Miss France 2022 election. An event eagerly awaited by her friends and family who support her at 300%.

It is a stone’s throw from Labruguière, at a place called Les Auriols, that Hannah Friconnet, new Miss Midi-Pyrénnées, freshly elected on September 4 in Villemur-sur-Tarn (31), opened the doors to us. house in which she grew up. A charming residence, calm and soothing, where the Friconnet family has lived for 16 years now.

And if there are still a few days, the lovely Castraise had trouble coming down from her cloud, today, she has totally reconnected with her family, and especially with her parents Sandrine and Christophe. Behind the rhinestones and sequins, Hannah remains Hannah.

On Saturday, she took advantage of an “off” day, one of the rare and precious days that she will be able to have in the coming weeks, in view of the busy schedule that the committee has concocted for her. She dressed up, “while remaining as natural as possible,” to go and celebrate a friend’s birthday. In the meantime, she slept in, had breakfast with the family, no doubt had a bickering with her little sister Ilona, ​​with whom she is very close, and certainly improvised a few dance steps in the living room. with his father. At least, we can imagine it.

Because before preparing for the Miss France 2021 contest, which will take place next December in Caen in Normandy, Hannah Friconnet, is above all a young woman of 21 years who likes to enjoy life, laugh and talk for hours. around a café on the terrace with her childhood friends and relax with your family in her little cocoon in the south of Tarn.

Also, after obtaining her bac ES at the Lycée Notre-Dame in Castres and the validation of her diploma in orthopedics-orthosis and podology, currently La Castraise is spending her weeks in Toulouse where she is studying communication. She then plans to specialize in the field of digital and influence to ultimately become a community manager. Studies that she will put aside, at least until the month of December, to devote herself fully to the Miss France contest and pursue her “little girl’s dream”.

“… this is not our world”

“I remember, when I was little, we watched the Miss France program with the family. Every year I looked at these girls with awe and sparkles in my eyes. And there, I will be able to participate and I am very proud of it. And then, I think it’s going to be a transformation for me, regardless of the end result, ”said the miss.

In the meantime, the whole family is living to the rhythm of Hannah’s “new life”. Her parents, who have supported her 100% from the start, also discovered a world that he thought “inaccessible”: “This competition is about elegance, beauty and the enhancement of women. When we watched the shows, we said to ourselves that this was not our world. And there, our daughter is going, we will see her parade and represent the Region. Frankly it’s incredible… ”, explained Sandrine Friconnet.

“We are very proud of her. Hannah is a pleasant, easy-going, very loving and sunny girl! She is sparkling, she gets up in the morning, always on the right foot and with a smile! And that, we know that it will not change, Miss France or not ”, confided for his part Christophe, the dad.

“We are really proud of her”

Despite everything, Hannah must remain focused on her goals and prepare as best as possible for D-Day. “Everything has been turned upside down, whether it is in terms of my rhythm of life, the image that I send back and that I have to give, and my relationship with others. I receive a lot of messages on social networks and I attach great importance to responding to people who support me, whether on the internet or in real life, ”explained the young woman.

“Besides, without my friends, I would never have taken the step to become a miss. I had hesitated to introduce myself for several years, I was perhaps lacking in maturity. But they really helped me get started, to the point of physically pushing me to click the – submit button, ”Hannah recalls.

And her friends continued to support her, since at the regional competition, they mobilized to create banners as well as T-shirts with the effigy of their Hannah. “We wanted to go all out, to show that it was the number 1 miss, so we gave everything! », Confided Appoline and Lisa, still very moved by how far their friend has come. “In high school, it was little Hannah, a little shy and discreet. Besides, we were very stressed for her when she made her speech at the regional competition because at school, the oral exams, it was not her forte! But there, she blew us away. We are really proud of her, ”they added.

And when you ask Hannah what made the difference in the regional competition…? “I stayed natural and myself until the end. And above all, I had a blast! That’s the main thing. You will understand, Hannah had trouble embarking on the adventure, but now, she is ready to go to the end. Also ready to defend its “beautiful Region”, with all the same, a little Tarn touch… “My accent! It is often pointed out to me. For the moment, he likes it and I have not had any criticism on it, so I intend to bring my Tarn accent with me to Normandy! “