Has everyone forgotten Tiger Shroff’s good work?

Has everyone forgotten Tiger Shroff’s good work?

The FIR against Tiger Shroff and his friend Disha Patani for driving out during the lockdown feels a little excessive considering we are all guilty of going out during the lockdown at some point or another.

This seems like a classic case of celebrity-baiting, though let me hasten to add that I am not suggesting Tiger and Disha are above the law. I’m only assuming that if it was an ordinary non-celebrity couple out for a drive, the cops would have probably let them off with a mild rebuke. But when you see Tiger-Disha out for a spin you’ve got to make an example out of them. Especially when the paparazzi are out taking pictures.

While Tiger is not saying anything to defend himself his parents are understandably upset.

A very close friend of Tiger tells me, “Why should his parents not be upset? They know he is a law-abiding citizen. He won’t even break a red light. Let me tell you Tiger has been relentlessly working to provide relief during this pandemic. He doesn’t want to create brouhaha about his good work. It breaks his heart that people want to focus on negativity rather than look at all the good work being done.”


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