Hello Charlie’s song ‘One to One Two’ went viral

Hello Charlie’s song ‘One to One Two’ went viral
Makers won the hearts of the audience by launching the trailer of the most awaited film ‘Hello Charlie’ earlier this week. Now keeping the curiosity of his fans, the upcoming adventure comedy film ‘Hello Charlie’ (Hello Charlie) has launched the song ‘One to one two’, full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. This song is creating a buzz with the release
Charlie and Toto’s fun was seen

The video of this funny song ‘One to One Two’ is a glimpse of the chemistry between Charlie (played by Adar Jain) and Toto (Gorilla) and their deep friendship. Seeing the dance of the song, you will not be able to live without being sullen.

See this VIDEO …

This song is being liked by people so much that it has been released for 18 hours and till now it has been seen 49 lakh 92 thousand i.e. nearly 50 lakh times. The song was written by Vayu and voiced by Naqsh Aziz, choreographed by Ganesh Acharya, and composed by Tanishq Bagchi.

Dance moves of gorillas are cool
In this song, Honor Jain and Toto are shown, who will be seen showing you great dance moves. The tremendous energy and excellent melody of this song will make you tremble and you will feel a new freshness.

Tanishq Bagchi said
Talking about this song, the film’s music director, Tanishq Bagchi said, ‘Hello Charlie’s experience working with the cast and crew was really fun. When I was told about the song situation, I was thrilled because this song had to bring out the mood and vibe of the film as well as show the entertaining antics between a human and a gorilla.

This Hilarious Song has been written by Vayu in the best style, which is perfect for a tune that is soothing in mind. ‘One to one two’ song is very close to my heart and I hope that it will become a special song for our audience too. ‘


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