Himansh Kohli broke silence over the breakup with Neha Kakkar

Himansh Kohli broke silence over the breakup with Neha Kakkar

Bollywood’s famous playback singers Neha Kakkar (Neha Kakkar) and Himansh Kohli (Himansh Kohli) had a breakup in 2018 after dating each other for a very long time. The news of their breakup was in the news for months. Neha Kakkar talked about her breakup on several occasions. At the same time, the actor kept silent on this.

Now finally in an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Himansh Kohli has broken his silence on the breakup with Neha Kakkar. Not only this, but he was also very upset when people started targeting him.
Himansh Kohli said, ‘It is absolutely true that if you are not speaking, then people always start thinking wrong about you. Many people should also understand that there is something called privacy. I do not like to do my personal things in public. I want to settle all these things at home. ‘

Talking about their breakup in 2018, the actor did not blame Neha. He also urged people to move forward and said that they had done nothing bad to anyone. Himansh said, ‘We both had a break-up in 2018 and I did not blame Neha for this. She has moved forward in her life and is happy. I am happy for myself Living my life and working.

I am entertaining my audience but there are some people who are stuck in 2018 while we are living in 2021. There is nothing you can do about it. A lot of people say that I have done something bad to a person but I am happy because I know that I am not a bad person.

Talking about the breakup with ex-girlfriend Neha Kakkar, Himansh said, ‘People’s toxic behavior has nothing to do with us. She was angry so she posted something. I was also angry but I did not post a single one. Who is toxic? People are toxic who keeps poking you, which is not needed at all. There is neither hate nor love between us.


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