Imlie Spoiler Alert: Malini will blow tamarind in front of her family

Imlie Spoiler Alert: Malini will blow tamarind in front of her family

In the last episode, it has been shown that Malini is upset that even after her refusal, Tamarind planted vermilion in the college. Malini was still living on her knees and could not understand why Aditya was running away from her. Now Malini is completely suspicious that the reason for the distance between her and Aditya is only and the only tamarind.

In such a situation, Malini has removed all her anger on tamarind on the pretext of vermilion. Sumbul Touqueer Khan, Marathi actors Gashmeer Mahajani and Mayuri Deshmukh play the lead roles in this serial. From the very beginning, this serial has kept the audience tied to each of its tracks and the upcoming episode is going to be tremendous.

Viewers will find every sequence in the upcoming episode so overwhelming that you will want to watch this episode again and again. In this episode, every single artist has tried his best to give his 100 percent. Malini will not only give her vermilion to the tamarind, but she will also call her a maid in front of all the family members.

Hearing this from Malini’s mouth, Aditya will be shocked and he will vent his anger on her, but Malini will not back down this time and he will give a befitting reply to Aditya too. Not only this, but Malini will also ask Aditya to stay within her limit. The viewers will also see in the next episode that Malini will decide to go to her maternal home and Aditya will try to tell his mother everything about his first marriage.


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