Imlie Spoiler Alert: tamarind will prevent the divorce of Malini and Aditya

Imlie Spoiler Alert: tamarind will prevent the divorce of Malini and Aditya

In the TV serial ‘Imli’, Malini, Tamarind, and Aditya’s life has come to a standstill. Aditya wants to tell the family about Tamarind and his marriage. Malini also wants to go away from both and settle her own world. On the other hand, Aparna, mother of Aditya (Gashmeer Mahajani) has vowed that she will not allow Tamarind to come to Tripathi House again.

Now Sumbul Touqueer Khan starrer is going to be a big hit in the upcoming episode of this serial. In the upcoming episode, you will see that Aditya somehow persuades Tamarind to take him home. The tamarind will be accepted by Aditya and both will also reach the stage of Tripathi House.

Malini (Mayuri Deshmukh) will also follow both of them and during this time Tamarind will not be able to get eyes on her. Soon the family members of Aditya will reach there with the plate of Aarti. Aparna will be happy to see Malini, she will say that it was good that Aditya brought Malini back home.

While talking about Aparna, Malini will say that she has come alone. Aditya has brought tamarind with him. After listening to Malini’s words, as soon as Aparna’s eyes are on the tamarind, her senses will fly away.

Aparna and her daughter-in-law will tell the tamarind a lot in terms of gestures. Tamarind will be sad to see the behavior of everyone but daring she will come inside the house. Aparna will taunt the tamarind and say that if she has problems here, she can stay in the hostel. Meanwhile, Aditya’s tau will come in the middle and say that tamarind will not go anywhere. Aparna will ask her to stay in the kitchen to plead tamarind.

Soon Imli will get a clue that Malini is about to divorce Aditya. In such a situation, she will do something that both will not be divorced. This decision of Tamarind will break Aditya badly. Now it will be known in the coming days that what is written in the fate of tamarind?


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