In a world of bullies

A man escapes from prison with the help of his friend. His objective is to recover a share of the loot owed to him by a former accomplice. In his race, he is forced to kidnap the secretary of a lawyer. On their heels, the police and gangsters who, in fact, set a trap for him to get rid of him … Best known for his westerns (“Les famameurs”, “Je suis un adventurer” …), Anthony Mann (1906- 1967) has also made films noir with beautiful outfit. This is the case of “Brute market” (1948) in which a man has no other choice than violence to regain a certain dignity. If the main actor, Dennis O’Keefe, is not unforgettable, the duo formed by Claire Trevor and Marsha Hunt (who love this naughty boy so much) is very interesting. The strike force of the film, brief and brutal, as its title suggests, is particularly due to the roles of villains, played here by a John Ireland well in his element and a young Raymond Burr who was not yet the famous ” Iron Man “from TV. Hats off also to the black and white photo of John Alton, rendered in all its depth by the new video master.

In the same collection, Rimini also offers “The Suicide Squad” (1947), by the same Anthony Mann, again with Dennis O’Keefe. Without much subtlety, this thriller is a kind of giant advertisement for the “T Men” (original title of the film), these inspectors of the American Treasury who were not afraid to take all the risks to infiltrate the Mafia gangs (here specialists in the counterfeit money). Despite everything, we let ourselves be taken by the adventures inspired by a novel by Dashiell Hammett. With, once again, special attention given to the bad boys.

Anthony Mann’s “Brute Market” and “The Suicide Squad” (Rimini Editions Blu-Ray / DVD Boxes).