In front of Kiara Advani, the fan wishes to meet

In front of Kiara Advani, the fan wishes to meet
The fan following of the stars appearing on TV is often very long. Fans are desperate to get a glimpse of them. But everyone’s wish is not fulfilled. But there is an actress who can probably fulfill a wish of her fan soon.

Fan’s wish
A fan of Bollywood actress Kiara Advani has expressed her desire to meet him. The actress has also reacted to this wish and her reaction is becoming very viral on social media.

Fan wrote a note
Actually, on a fan page of Kiara Advani, a fan asked to meet him and also wrote a very big note. Fan wrote that ‘Kiara Advani ma’am is an idol for me, meeting her will be a most beautiful moment for me. Although I regret that Kiara came to Delhi many times but I could not meet her. Next time I will give my 100 percent. I hope that this dream of mine will be fulfilled soon.

Kiara replied
Kiara Advani looked at this tweet and responded to the fan with a burst. The actress has written that while answering, dreams come true and this dream will be fulfilled as well, very soon. Kiara’s tweet is being liked by everyone. On this reply of this actress, the fan has written that every response and likes of yours are valuable to me, ma’am, I have saved all your tweets on which you have liked. Your every reply is saved in my bookmarks. I am a proud fan of you, I like your talent and behavior very much.


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