INFO THE DEPECH. A former reality TV candidate indicted for drug trafficking in Toulouse

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Sammy, who participated in the 2013 show La belle et ses princes 2 on W9, is indicted for drug trafficking. Several kilos of cannabis were found in his home, located in Toulouse.

In a few years, he went from the light of a television set to a custody cell. Since May 6, 2021, Sammy, ex-star of the reality show “La belle et ses princes 2” has been indicted for his involvement in an important organized traffic in the Pradettes district in Toulouse. He was interviewed by the investigating judge this week.

Between his passage on W9 in 2013 and today, the 31-year-old seducer has known almost everything. Celebrity, television then the sad return to reality, far from the folding seats. In early 2021, in the Pink City, Sammy was reportedly approached by traffickers. These interlocutors would have promised him easy money and very little risk, before insisting heavily that he agrees to work for them. For several months, the ex “hunk” of the TV therefore kept the merchandise of the dealers in his apartment. His role could have remained secret if, at the end of January 2021, the police had not discovered firearms in a resident of Pradettes. Following this operation, the Toulouse public prosecutor’s office opened a judicial investigation, led by the examining magistrate Coralyne Chartier. The magistrate then entrusted the investigations to the police officers of the left bank.

From this date, the investigators will add up the telephone tapping and surveillance to decipher the entire organization of this point of deal.

Drugs and money found at Sammy

On May 5, the officials, supported by a stupid dog from the canine unit, deployed in the area to put an end to the trafficking, they apprehended 7 people. Sammy’s home was searched that day. In one of the rooms, the police found several kilos of cannabis resin, precision scales, pouches filled with herbal cannabis, nearly € 2,000 in cash and a counterfeit detector.

During her hearing before investigators, Sammy confessed to being a “nanny”, but allegedly acted out of fear of reprisals. His employers would still have paid him between 3000 and 4000 € in total. “We let the investigation take its course, we will see the responsibilities of each on the day of the judgment. He is not a drug trafficker and he has never had a criminal record!”, Confides Me Saihi Majouba, his lawyer. . Indicted but left free under judicial control, he is still considered innocent as long as he is not convicted. For the time being, the investigation is continuing on a rogatory commission.