INTERVIEW. Hoshi in concert at the Echappée Musicale de Montbartier: “Sharing my words is what matters most”

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For its third edition, the L’Echappée Musicale de Montbartier (Tarn-et-Garonne) festival welcomes the singer Hoshi, Friday September 17th. Interview with the 25-year-old artist, discovered in the show “The Voice”.

In full tour, Hoshi will perform Friday evening at 10:30 p.m. on the stage of the Musical Escape in Montbartier. The 25-year-old singer, also a songwriter, will perform there songs from her latest album “Etoile flippante”.

You hit the festival route again this summer. How did the reunion with the public go?

The atmosphere on the first dates was very special: people were seated, with the mask on… It was weird and in a way, we no longer knew how to do it! And then everything was unlocked as we went along. It’s a reunion that feels good. This contact with the public makes us feel alive again.

Were you impatient to get back on stage?

It was very long and very hard psychologically to do without these moments of exchange. After the 150 dates of my first tour, I wanted to take a break to write and compose my second album. But the break was much longer and more constrained than expected with the health situation!

Your last album, “Etoile flippante” is actually a reissue of the previous one. Why this choice ?

I still had a lot to say actually. My second album, “Sommeil levant”, which was due out in March 2020, was moved to June. During the confinement, I continued to write. Hence this reissue enriched with thirteen titles. I took the opportunity and took the time to produce it at home from A to Z, going into production.

The texts are always signed Hoshi. Is it important to sing your own words?

I don’t see myself singing other people’s songs. I receive a lot of texts and compositions; I listen to them, out of respect, but it never fits me completely. It’s not interpreting that matters most to me. If tomorrow I had to stop my singing career, I would continue to write in the shadows to share my words.

Why this title “Etoile flippante”?

Hoshi means star in Japanese. One evening, I said to myself that maybe I was a creepy star because I am full of fears: of the future, of death, of being alone… It all started from there. But the album ain’t scary to listen to (laughs)!

How was your meeting with Bejamin Biolay, with whom you share a duet on “Pleurs de fumoir”?

I had almost finished the title and I thought this song would suit him really well. We didn’t know each other, I was afraid to disturb him but I sent him the title anyway. We saw each other a few days later during a concert and he said to me: “When are we recording our duo?” It was a beautiful artistic and human encounter.

You also sing a song with your grandmother …

The most stressful duo of my life! My grandma is not a singer. I offered him this crazy idea of ​​a song about the two of us, where we discuss society. It happened in a natural way, it was a very beautiful moment. I’m now going to try to get her to come on stage to share this with her.

Third edition of the L’Echappée Musicale festival, on Friday September 17 and Saturday September 18, at the village hall of Montbartier (80 rue d’Astorg). Full program and reservations on the website; Prices: 25 euros one evening, 40 € both evenings.