Is Urvashi Dholakia going to get married again after 25 years?

Is Urvashi Dholakia going to get married again after 25 years?

Urvashi Dholakia, the real ‘comolica’ of the TV world, has kept their distance from the small screen at the moment. But due to the pictures on social media, she remains in the discussion. Urvashi got married at the age of just 16. Whereas from the age of 17, she is the single mother of twin sons Sagar and Kshitij. So in personal life, Urvashi never thought that she should get married again (Urvashi Dholakia Wedding Plans)? While his family and even the children want Urvashi to get set up again. Urvashi has broken the silence for the first time and has shared many things about personal life.

In a conversation with our colleague ETimes, Urvashi says, ‘To be honest, I have never had this much time nor have I wished to think about it. I was always busy with my work. Balanced both the work front and the children’s upbringing. Focused on his studies. It seems to me that whenever you talk about a relationship, you first need to feel strong in yourself.

Urvashi was dating TV actor Anuj Sachdev at some point. Both took part in ‘Nach Baliye 9’ as a couple. Urvashi says, ‘My children and my family have always wanted me to settle down. My children often ask me why I do not marry anyone, but whenever I come across this question, I laugh.

Urvashi further says, “What should I think, it is not that my time is gone.” But after one point I cannot think too much about anything. If this has to happen then it will happen someday. The second thing is that I am an independent woman and I have learned to live my life with my own values. So I want a partner who understands me, understands my freedom, not bind me or underestimate me.

Urvashi Dholakia participated in reality shows like ‘Bigg Boss 6’ and ‘Nach Baliye 9’. She says, ‘There is a lot of difference between daily shows and reality shows. Shows like Nach Baliye make you physically exhausted, whereas reality shows like Bigg Boss cost you mental, physical, and even mentally and emotionally. So these reality shows should never be taken lightly. ‘

Urvashi has been the winner of Bigg Boss

Urvashi Dholakia has also participated in ‘Comedy Circus’. Urvashi, who made her acting debut in the TV show ‘Srikanth’ in 1987, made her mark with serials like ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’, ‘Shaktiman’, ‘Mehndi Tere Naam Ki’. Whereas in Ekta Kapoor’s show ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ke’, the character of Komolika gave her the most popularity. In the year 2012, Urvashi Dholakia participated in ‘Bigg Boss 6’ and also became the winner of the show.


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