Jadis returns to ‘The Walking Dead’ from the hand of ‘World Beyond’ and with clues of what happened to Rick Grimes

Pollyanna McIntosh once again takes on the role of the iconic leader of “Los Chatarreros” in season 2 of the ‘spin-off’ and her presence promises light and answers.

The second ‘spin-off’ of The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, will bring back a character that you have not forgotten and that until not so long ago had us completely misplaced as to what we could expect from him. Villain or ally? Jadis, the leader of the group known as Los Carroñeros played by Pollyanna McIntosh, return to the zombie franchise AMC by surprise in the second season of limited fiction. The outstanding addition, which is a category ‘crossover’ for the new series of the franchise in its final stretch, It also promises to shed light and clues about what became of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). Something that we won’t fully discover until the character-centric movies are released.

As you may recall, Jadis – whose real name we would later discover, Anne – was the leader of that enigmatic group that lived in a garbage dump and that housed “pets” as particular as the mythical Winslow, a walker along the way. Mad Max That made it really difficult for Rick Grimes. Although always putting their interests first and with great ambivalence, The group of scrap dealers assisted Alexandria in her fight against Negan’s Saviors and at a certain point Jadis lost all his people. Already In the ninth season, the survivor’s connection to the mysterious helicopter that would eventually take Rick would be revealed. and it was their conversations that raised the mystery of what was supposed to be an ‘A’ or a ‘B’. The last time we saw her was in the episode Farewell to the Hero, she was also picked up by the RCM helicopter.

The return of Jadis to the franchise has been revealed by the trailer of the second and last season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which premieres on AMC on October 3. Now, Jadis is a soldier from the most authoritarian arm of the RCM secret society that hosts several thousand survivors and we hear her say: “I know that the Civic Republic is the last light of the world. My purpose is to create a new era in this planet. I hope we can catch up while I’m here. ” However, we will have to wait for the premiere to find out who he tells it to.

What is certain is that Jadis’ presence in the series will shed even more clues about what happened to Rick Grimes, in addition to the few that we were able to obtain in the first installment but which they received with open arms. While what happened after getting on the helicopter with Rick and his current position remains a mystery, series co-creator and head of content for the franchise Scott Gimple has assured that there will be revelations:

There will be clues to what happened with that helicopter ride. In the more than six years that have passed since we saw Jadis with Rick, she has found new allies and alliances

In addition, “it plays a big role in the connection between CRM and the mythology of the three circles that we have been seeing.”

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Nevertheless, the definitive story about what happened to Rick Grimes will not reach the movies portrayed by Andrew Lincoln“We’re going to tell the story of what happened after that helicopter flight and it’s going to be big and epic,” Gimple promised in previous statements to Entertainment Weekly.

Meanwhile, the first part of the season 11 of The Walking Dead continues its broadcast on AMC and in our country by the hand of Fox Spain.

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