Jasmin Bhasin on staying with Aly Goni’s family amidst pandemic

Jasmin Bhasin on staying with Aly Goni’s family amidst pandemic

Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni are currently winning hearts with their recently released music video, Tu Bhi Sataya Jayega. Their chemistry is being showered with love across all platforms. Jasaly fans are very happy. And they have been ever since Jasmin and Aly began dating. It was during Bigg Boss 14 that the two confessed to having fallen in love with each other. Aly Goni was always clear in his mind that he feels for Jasmin.

On the other hand, Jasmin Bhasin took her own sweet time to confirm her feelings, and eventually, while inside the house of Bigg Boss 14, she confessed to having fallen in love with Aly. After Bigg Boss, Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni flew away to Jammu Kashmir, Aly’s hometown. They have been staying there for months now.

In a recent interview, Jasmin Bhasin was asked about staying with Aly’s family in Jammu. The actress said that she had known Aly’s family for years now and that there no formality kind of relationship between them. In fact, recently, Jasmin was seen making Iftaari with Aly and his family. Talking about it, Jasmin told Times of India, “It’s always fun to be around family, friends, and the people you love.

During this pandemic, most people are suffering from loneliness, being alone, or being locked into houses. Touchwood, fortunately, we made the right decision and came to Jammu to Aly’s family, and because of that, we are not going through the emotion of loneliness. We are happy that we are around family and friends and it’s lovely. I feel fortunate and it’s a blessing that in such a tough situation and the time we are going through we are with our loved ones.”

Talking about the bond she shares with Aly Goni’s family, Jasmin Bhasin said, “Aly, his family are not people who I met yesterday. I have known them for the last three years now. Also, there is no formality between us or we don’t pretend to be like that. We were friends and were around always.

Aly’s family is very cool, chilled out, sweet, good people. It’s fun to be around them. What makes me comfortable and what has always been important for me is the vibe and energy of the people. Everybody around me here has a great positive vibe and energy.”


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