Jazz and classical music, two evenings to celebrate music in Albas

The new program for the Music in Albas event is emerging. Indeed, Friday October 1, the stage of the church of Albas, from 9 p.m., will be the place where jazz will shine in its many facets.

We no longer present the Encho brothers, these two artists who appear in all the places where they are invited, either in France or internationally; their fame is prestigious. They played with the older ones. Thomas Encho, the pianist, and David Encho, the trumpeter, are representatives of a generation whose jazz is one with inventive music. On the other hand, if the notes are manifested in an artistic way, this sibling is the cradle where talents are combined in all musical fields.

It is not forbidden to think that this evening of the Interseason should not leave the public indifferent. This Encho pair will delight its listeners, and a large audience should flock to the city, small in size, but surprising in the choice of its musicians.

Noticed by Yehudi Menuhin

Then on Saturday October 2, a concert will be offered in the church, at 9 p.m., in which the violin and the piano will be the instruments of choice, with two highly talented artists. Thus, Natacha Triadou practices the violin, her references are numerous and have even been noticed by Yehudi Menuhin. As for Laurent Molines, the keyboard is his way of expressing himself musically, being a piano teacher at the Toulouse Conservatory. The works given will be able to highlight this duality, which between the violin and the piano, leads to sublime chords. Grieg, Franck etc. are on the program.
Amateurs will be able to experience great moments in this way, these musicians unanimously in the microcosm of so-called classical music. The evening should turn out to be a space, where harmonies and communion of the public, combine to magnify the music. The organizers want people, especially as a meeting time with the artists is planned.

Do not forget to book at 05 65 20 19 54 or musiqueaalbas. asso-web.com. Entrances 18 € or 12 €; for the two concerts 32 € or 20 €, depending on membership. Health pass compulsory.