Jean Castex at Laurent Ruquier: what to remember from his statements

the essential
Prime Minister Jean Castex was the guest of “On est en direct”, the program hosted by Laurent Ruquier and Léa Salamé, on Saturday evening on France 2.

“Things are better, we must remain vigilant but things are better thanks to the vaccines. We are managing this crisis, I think, in the most serious way possible by protecting our fellow citizens”.

“We are free. We have a certain number of constraints because the pandemic is here. When we are vaccinated, you can still transmit the virus. The vaccination is there but the epidemic too. If there was not the health pass, what is the alternative? Closure as we have known it. This pass is useful, we put it where it is useful and it produces results “.

“We have every right to demonstrate and to be against the sanitary pass. We do not have the right to use these reasons to make anti-Semitic remarks. We do not have the right to the reason that we are anti-ax. to set fire to vaccination centers, we are not allowed on the grounds that we are anti-pass to physically attack a cafe server, we are not allowed because we are anti-tax to make false appointments in a vaccination center to create a traffic jam at the risk of expiring the doses of vaccines. In antivax, there are people who do not know, who are scared and you should never be laughed at people who are afraid. It is therefore our responsibility to explain the reality. What has serious side effects, we are sure, is the Covid. No vaccine has ever been the subject of a monitoring as close as the Covid vaccines “.

“The start of the school year, I watch it like milk on the fire, went satisfactorily. All professionals are mobilized on the bridge as they have been for months. 64% of 12-18 year olds are already vaccinated in first injection. We have a health protocol which is strict but which allows the children’s schooling to continue “.

  • Back-to-school allowance

“What matters most is that the people who receive this allowance are entitled to it. It is a purchasing power measure intended to help families in need. It is a useful measure.”

  • The presidential election

“I will not be a candidate for the presidential election.”

“I have little opportunity to listen to Mr. Zemmour. Mr. Zemmour, every time I hear it, it’s always a speech on the decline of France, a catastrophic, negative speech. He will do what he wants. he will like, I have no comment to make. Mr. Zemmour is a commentator, he handles his own, I do not share them at all. Handling ideas on a platform and holding the handle, driving the country’s truck , it’s completely different. To constantly put salt on the wounds, oil on the fire, it is irresponsible “.