Jegun. Armusic: an “open house” day

The Armusic association is offering an “open house” day which will take place on Wednesday September 8, from 4 pm to 7 pm, at the Philippe-Monello service center. “Like every year, this will be an opportunity to meet the professors and to be able to agree with them on the niche that will suit you best”, indicates the president Hugues Milard. After a year dedicated to Covid-19, this will be an opportunity for new members to meet the old ones again and get to know the teachers better. Classes will resume the week of Monday, September 27 in order to give them time to establish the schedules according to availability. The association offers saxophone, clarinet, drums, guitar, piano, individual or group singing lessons and has a children’s choir. The teachers are: Sébastien Faget for the piano; Marie-Lise Pierron for choral singing, accordion and musical awakening; Jean-Loup Ricaud for individual singing and adult group workshop; Max Rodriguez for the guitar; Francis Masson for drums and percussion; Nicolas Thevenin for bass, double bass and jazz workshop; Stéphane Guionie for the guitar and the teenage group and Jean-Claude Prunet for the saxophone, clarinet and transverse flute. “We are looking for a teacher of piano and other unreferenced instruments, but also members for the office,” says Armusic. Information on