John Hoffman (‘Only murders in the building’): “You are going to have fun and you will feel identified with the protagonists if you are a fan of ‘true crime'”

The series, created by the American producer with Steve Martin, premieres its first two episodes tomorrow on Star on Disney +

“Lots of comedy and mystery with some dramatic and moving moments”. Así define John Hoffman (Grace y Frankie) Only murders in the building, series that he has created with Steve Martin. This mystery comedy premieres tomorrow on Disney + via Star with the first two episodes.

Lately the ‘true crime’ and all fictions related to this genre are synonymous with success. Although Only murders in the building It is not based on a real crime, we can almost assure that many of the fans of ‘true crime’ are going to like it. SensaCine has had the opportunity to interview Hoffman where he has told us all the details of this mystery comedy.

“We had to create a story that would satisfy lovers of mysteries and I think we succeeded,” says the producer, also. Only murders in the building mix comedy with mystery. And where can we find comedy? “The protagonists make mistakes and get into trouble sometimes. There we find part of the fun “Hoffman responds. To which he adds:

‘Only murders in the building’ is different because there is innocence. You have true crime fans investigating and podcasting. And the funny thing is that you will feel identified with the protagonists in a certain way

But it is not only comedy and mystery around a murder. “The series also delve into the three main characters. You get to know their own mysteries in their lives and you understand them a little more, ”says the co-creator. So much so that on many occasions you will get involved in the protagonists’ own history.

Mabel (Selena Gomez), Charles (Steve Martin) y Oliver (Martin Short) They are three totally different characters, but each with a special charm. Therefore, we are not surprised that Hoffman is unable to choose one of them. “I love the sweetness and surprising complexity of Charles’s character. I love Oliver’s quirkiness, but also his sensitive and vulnerable side. Finally Mabel, I love the honesty and the character that hides certain things, but has an authenticity that fascinates me, ”says an enthusiastic Hoffman.

Only murders in the building can remind the classic murder mysteries like Agatha Christie. However, there is a clear influence when creating the set or even the head of the series. And it’s the filmmaker Hitchcock, specifically to his movie Rear window. “We wanted to wink at Hitchcock with the photography, but creating a look that would also allow for comedy,” explains the producer and screenwriter.

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For Hoffman, one of the main challenges in creating this series was “overcoming my own intimidation by these incredibly talented people with which I was asked to work ”. Also, like many other productions, this mystery comedy was filmed during the pandemic. “A very difficult time to do anything with other people and maintain the spirit of the story that we wanted to tell while the world was going through difficult times,” says Hoffman. .

Only murders in the building follows the story of three true crime lovers. His life changes when one of his neighbors dies in a luxurious building on the Upper West Side of New York. The three unknown neighbors come together to investigate the murder and, in turn, begin to record a podcast with all the advances in his peculiar investigation. This will be the opportunity they have been waiting to put emotion in their lives.

The mystery comedy consists of ten episodes to be broadcast weekly. Tomorrow, August 31, the first two episodes will premiere on Star and Disney +.