Kabir Singh movie download by the website Filmywap

Kabir Singh movie download by the website Filmywap

There is nothing more destructive and chaotic than the madness of love that is trying to get what one wants.

The story presented here goes back to Shahid Kapoor’s most popular Bollywood film Kabir Singh. Kabir Singh, the Hindi remake of the superhit Telugu film ‘Arjun Reddy’.

It is clear from the beginning of the movie that Shahid was played by Vijay Devarkonda. As the film progresses, you are convinced that Shahid Kapoor is the only actor who can do justice to this complex, deep, complicated, difficult character. This may be the reason why casting director Mukesh Chhabra made Shahid a bronze statue.

Kabir Singh movie download

Flashbacks at the beginning of the episode reveal that Kabir was a medical student who could not control his anger, and who was also a top student and a champion of football.

Although it is common for people to break their heads or even limbs out of anger, he has been suspended from college for such actions. He has to leave college or his life will change for good.

The young writer has always had an innocent, beautiful, and simple girl in his head named Preeti Sikka (Kiara Advani). As Kabir falls in love with Preeti at first sight, he tells the entire college that she is his, and he is going to tear the eyes of his friends who look up at him.

Now Kabir stands as Preeti’s mentor during medical college and becomes a surgeon himself, helping Preeti achieve her goal of becoming a doctor.

As a result of the conservative family pressure and Kabir’s anger, Preeti’s marriage was arranged elsewhere due to the pressure of the conservative family.

In the wake of this Kabir crosses all the boundaries of self-destruction that an ordinary boy would never do.

An interview with director Sandeep Reddy Wanga of his debut feature film, ‘Kabir Singh’, has been released, and the director’s approach to telling the story has been recognized by a large number of cinephiles.

The way he presents Shahid as Kabir, depicting him in such a way that is over-protective, over-obsessive, violent, intoxicated, sex-oriented, etc., takes some time to connect with the audience.

This 3-hour film seems long, but the character’s sense of sacrifice for truth and love makes you feel closer to him. This movie does seem much longer than usual.

The film received an 8.1 on IMDB with few changes from the original Hindi film. What is understood by the director is that she uses small changes in addition to the original Indian film to make the remake of Hindi.

Shahid Kapoor has performed one of the best plays of his acting career as Kabir Singh. He is an outstanding actor, who perfectly inhabits the role. This will undoubtedly be a tribute to Shahid Kapoor.

This was a very challenging and complex role for him. He has been able to handle it before with aplomb. But this time he played it with passion.

Although deprived of dialogue and screen space, Kiara is looking very beautiful and is displaying her acting skills with her eyes. The role of Soham Majumdar as Shiva in the film is noteworthy.

You will be entertained, and heartbroken at the same time, by this movie. It features Arjun Bajwa, Suresh Oberoi, and Nikita Dutta in their best performances.

I am delighted to see that senior actress Kamini can be so convincing in the role of a grandmother in this film. The music and music background of the film is very powerful.

A radio station in Mirchi, Radio Mirchi, is ranked fifth for the song ‘Bekheyali’ by the music composer Sachet. While Mithun’s song, ‘Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage’, currently occupies the eleventh position.

In the case that you like unrealistic love stories, you might be able to enjoy this one for Shahid Kapoor’s unique acting.


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