Kangana Ranaut said on Twitter account suspended – white Americans want to be enslaved

Kangana Ranaut said on Twitter account suspended – white Americans want to be enslaved
Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut ( Kangana Ranaut ) Twitter ( Twitter has been Suspended for) account forever. Twitter says that Kangana Ranaut was continuously violating her ‘Hateful Conduct Policy’ and hence her account has been suspended forever. However, now a sharp reaction of Kangana Ranaut has also come to light on this issue.

On suspending her Twitter account, Kangana said, “Twitter has only proved my point that white Americans from those births feel that they can enslave a brown man.” They want to tell you what to think, what to say or what to do. Luckily, I have several platforms that I can use to raise my voice and as a cinema, it includes my own art. But my heart is moving towards the people of this country who have been tortured, enslaved, and censored for thousands of years, and still, the disease is not over.

Kangana has also claimed that her account has been suspended only after she shared a video on Twitter demanding the imposition of the President’s rule in Bengal.

Kangana said- Do not divert attention from the violence in Bengal,
Kangana protested against the unilateral action of Twitter and told the people, ‘I request all of you not to divert attention from the violence in Bengal and pressurize the government to stop it. The entire attention has gone to the suspension of my Twitter account. It does not matter because I can speak through several platforms.

Kangana Ranaut, who was annoyed by BJP’s defeat in Bengal elections, was constantly tweeting. Some of Kangana’s tweets were described by Twitter users as extremely objectionable and encouraging of violence. Before the account was suspended, on Tuesday 4 May, Kangana also made an objectionable tweet in which she compared Mamta Banerjee to Tadka without naming her.

A lot of people had reported Kangana’s tweets, after which Twitter took the action to suspend Kangana’s accountBefore this, Kangana had made another tweet in which she appealed to PM Narendra Modi to come in the form of the year 2000 for the violence that took place after the results of the Bengal elections. Twitter users linked it to the riots in Gujarat, calling Kangana’s tweet an act of violence and incitement.



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