Kangana Ranot trolled after appealing for the introduction of Coronavirus vaccine

Kangana Ranaut trolled after appealing for the introduction of the Coronavirus vaccine
Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut remains very active on social media. Apart from sharing her special photos and videos, she also maintains her views on socio-political issues. Many times they have to be trolled because of their opinion. Although Kangana also gives a befitting reply to the Runout trollers, Kangana has once again come under the target of the Runout trollers.

Actually, Kangana Ranaut has shared a video of herself on her official Twitter account. In this video, he praised the central government and appealed to the fans and all other people to get the Coronavirus vaccine. Kangana Ranaut said in the video, “A lot of people are feeling negative because of the coronavirus, but this is not the time to feel negative but to be positive by having the vaccine applied.”

Kangana Ranaut has also told the benefits of getting the vaccine in the video and said that she is going to get the vaccine soon for all her staff and family. Kangana Runout, while speaking her words, spoke some things that are causing them to troll people. The actress said in the video that India is the world’s most populous country and blamed overpopulation for the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Kangana Ranaut was overshadowed by this saying and many social media users are trolling her. Commenting on Kangana Ranaut’s video, a user named Hanima wrote, “Please register yourself for rabies vaccination.” Raj Gill, trolling the actress, wrote, “Corona and Kangana are the two crises that India is currently dealing with. There is still hope for Corona but not sure about Kangana.”


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