Kangana’s anger erupted on foreign media

Kangana’s anger erupted on foreign media

Kangana Ranaut post something and if there is no ruckus on it, it cannot happen, then something similar has happened this time too. This time Kangana is targeted by foreign media. Recently, there was a lot of discussion in foreign newspapers with news on the deaths from Corona in India, which was discussed a lot. Now Kangana’s anger has come to this point, she says that who are foreigners to tell us that our government is not able to deal with this situation.

Efforts are being made to discredit India

Kangana has shared a video on her Instagram account in which she is saying that whenever a disaster strikes on India, an atmosphere is created against the country at the international level. These countries try to teach us what democracy is. Kangana further says that some foreign journalists are also involved in this conspiracy of foreign media.

Kangana’s anger stopped here, she said that the rest of the world is also struggling with the second wave of Karon, but these people are deliberately defaming India only.


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