Kapoor family is in a new confusion, where is Divorce Papers of Rajiv Kapoor!

Kapoor family is in a new confusion, where is Divorce Papers of Rajiv Kapoor!

Two of the deaths occurred in the last year in the Kapoor family, one of the oldest families in Bollywood. One is Rishi Kapoor and the other is his younger brother Rajiv Kapoor. After facing these two sorrows, now a new problem has arisen in front of this family. That is the problem with Rajiv Kapoor’s property dispute. Because right now in the entire Kapoor family, no one knows where the divorce papers of Rajiv Kapoor are?

Randhir and Reema expressed their right to property
Remind you that on February 9, Rajiv Kapoor died in Mumbai due to a heart attack. Two months later, his elder brother Randhir Kapoor and sister Reema Jain appealed to the Bombay High Court to claim their property. But now the High Court has asked these people to submit papers of Rajiv’s divorce.

Randhir Kapoor told about the problem of papers
After the High Court asked for divorce papers, Randhir Kapoor told in a conversation with the media that he did not have the papers. So far no one has received this paper and all are looking for them.

Divorce was done in the year 2003
Significantly, Rajiv Kapoor married a woman named Aarti Sabharwal in 2001 and both of them got divorced in 2003. But now the counsel for the Kapoor family has argued that in which family court the divorce took place, they have no idea and they are not getting the paper either.


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