Kareena Kapoor appealed to people to wear masks

Kareena Kapoor appealed to people to wear masks
The statistics of Corona Virus across the country are surprising. There is an atmosphere of panic all over the country. Celebs are repeatedly urging people to be cautious. In this episode, Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has expressed anger over people who do not wear masks properly. He has shared his talk with the people through the post. The reaction of people has come to the fore on this post.

Kareena Kapoor wrote in her post, “It is difficult for me to imagine how many people are not taking this thing seriously. They are not understanding the situation of the country.” If you go out somewhere, think about the doctor and the medical staff before violating the masks and rules. They are mentally and physically breaking. Who is breaking this chain? He is responsible. More countries than ever before Needs you. ” This post by Kareena Kapoor is becoming fiercely viral.


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