Kartik and Karan ‘broken’ due to a fight with Janhvi Kapoor? Wanted to get the actress out of the film

Kartik and Karan ‘broken’ due to a fight with Janhvi Kapoor? Wanted to get the actress out of the film

Bollywood actor Karthik Aryan has been in the news for his film ‘Dostana 2’ which has gone out of his hands these days. Dharma Production has exited Karthik from the film, though neither Karan Johar gave the reason for taking this step, nor did any statement come from Karthik’s side. Karthik and Jahnavi Kapoor were to be seen in lead roles in this film. 60% shooting of the film was also completed, crores of rupees had been spent, but still, Karan showed the way out to Karthik.

So far, many reasons have been revealed behind the removal of Karthik from ‘Dostana 2’. Meanwhile, now another reason is coming. According to the news of the times, Karthik did not want to work in this film after a fight with Jahnavi Kapoor. The story began when Karthik and Jahnavi Kapoor’s friendship ended in January. After that Karthik was finding it difficult to work with Jahnavi. He was repeatedly changing the dates and delaying the shooting.

Karthik was very upset after the fight with Jahnavi, one day he told the director that he should make something else instead of ‘Dostana 2’,” the source said. By then Jahnavi had stopped talking to Karthik at all. Hearing Karthik’s words, the director immediately went to Karan and told him that Karthik is talking about making another film instead.

The source further added, ‘Karthik later agreed to do the film, but he laid a condition for it that Jahnavi Kapoor is removed from the film. Karthik was also ready to adjust his fees if Karan would have made another film. It was shocking for all of us to see what was happening behind the scenes. After this, Karan took a big decision and excluded Karthik from the film so that things would not get further. And that’s how Karthik gets out of ‘Dostana 2’.


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