Kate Winslet, Henry Cavill or Winona Ryder. Find out who is the highest paid actor or actress of series

The fever for the productions of the small screen in ‘streaming’ has skyrocketed the salaries of some members of its cast.

David Harbour

The rise of the series in recent years and, above all, of the ‘stremaing platforms, the main focus of this type of productions has changed the salary panorama of the actors and actresses who decide to be part of the cast of the latest title of hit by Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime. There are many Hollywood stars who have risen to the crest of this wave without giving up their inflated salaries from great Hollywood productions.

As it advances Variety, who previously mentioned the “million dollar club”, now that figure is close to 2 million dollars. Although nothing is confirmed, Robert Downey Jr. could have won an amount of almost $ 2 million for his role in the series The Sympathizerby A24 for HBO. Another of the lucky ones to be part of this star club is Chris Pratt, who has achieved $ 1.4 million for his Amazon Prime series The Terminal List.

Increasingly, streaming platforms are looking to sign Hollywood stars for their next creations. Whatever it takes. An example has been the successful Mare Of Easttown with Kate Winslet at the helm, and that it has positioned itself as one of the series of the year both on HBO and on the serial scene. Amazon Prime has not been left behind and has done the same with its new series Nine Perfect Stranger with Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy, among others.

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