Kavya created a new plan, moves to separate ‘Anupama’ and ‘Vanraj’

Kavya created a new plan, moves to separate ‘Anupama’ and ‘Vanraj’
A new twist has occurred in the story of the serial ‘Anupamaa’, which is happening every day. In the last episode, it was shown that Pakhi goes to Kabir’s party. Kabir has made a bet with his friends about Pakhi that he will kiss him. In the upcoming episode of ‘Anupama’, it will be shown that Kabir will make Pakhi in the party. His friend will record the entire incident of kissing Pakhi on his phone.

Twist will come in Anupama
Only after this scene, an explosive twist is going to come in ‘Anupamaa’. Muskan Bamne will get the shoulder of Kavya (Madalsha Sharma) trapped in the middle of the boys. Kavya will make a big bet to help him. Actually, Kavya will see Pakhi going out of the house. Kavya will live in such a situation that in the absence of Anupama and Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey), he takes away the divorce paper. Kavya goes into the house with complete planning, she also ignores seeing Pakhi out of the house.

Kavya reaches the party
Kavya does not get the divorce papers and she reaches the party behind Pakhi. Now in the coming episodes, Kavya will not only get the video made by Kabir’s friends deleted but instead will put a shocking demand in front of Pakhi.

Kavya will blackmail Pakhi
Kavya will blackmail Pakhi after seeing all this. At the same time, Anupama will ask for the papers of Vanraj’s divorce. In such a situation Pakhi will get upset and will have no other option left. Pakhi will accept Kavya’s words to save himself. Kavya’s plan is that as soon as her divorce papers are received, she will separate Anupama and Vanraj forever.

Ram Kapoor will enter the show
Let me tell you, in the coming days, Vanraj and Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) will be divorced in ‘Anupamaa’. Also, many changes are going to come in this serial at the same time. It is being said that Ram Kapoor is also going to enter the show.


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