Koh-Lanta the legend: Loïc the Savoyard suffers from a heart problem

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Loïc joined the adventurers of “Koh-Lanta the legend” last week after the departure of Freddy, injured in a test. The young Savoyard confides on the health problem he has been suffering from since this summer.

Smiling, generous and physically strong. Loïc was one of the figures of “Koh-Lanta: the 4 Lands” last season. Qualities for which the production of the show reminded him for “Koh-Lanta the legend”, broadcast since last Tuesday, on the occasion of the 20 years of the adventure game. Loïc was not part of the initial cast. It was integrated into the game following the departure of Fredy, injured in a test.

If the show currently broadcast was filmed last spring, Loïc discovered that he was suffering from a health problem before the summer. “When I went through the physical tests for the season, I was found to have a problem with my heart. I had to do a little more analysis to determine that everything was fine before leaving,” he explains in the Dauphiné Libéré. The examinations lasted several weeks in the cardiology department of the Grenoble University Hospital.

It is for this reason that Loïc stopped playing sports in the spring and that he gained several kilos. It exceeds 100 kg. He was therefore unable to prepare physically as he would have liked to try his second “Koh-Lanta”. He nevertheless assures our colleagues: “It can be a handicap but the mind plays a lot too”.

Fortunately, Loïc can count on the support of his girlfriend, Lucie Caussanel, the Miss Languedoc-Roussillon 2019. The couple got to know each other on Instagram. The young woman had sent a message to Loïc the evening of the final. “We started to talk and the feeling went straight. Since then, we’ve been together all the time,” explained Lucie in the Parisian.

This 20th anniversary “Koh-Lanta” promises to be even more difficult than the others. Last week, the first two eliminated adventurers came across a sign that read: “The choice is yours”. A mystery that will be lifted in the second episode, this Tuesday evening.