“Koh-Lanta, the legend”: the new rule that can change everything in the adventure

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A mysterious panel had stunned viewers of “Koh-Lanta, the legend” a week ago. The explanation was given in the second episode broadcast Tuesday evening. A surprise advantage given to the winners of the immunity test was a game-changer.

“The choice is yours …” The first episode of “Ko-Lanta, the legend” ended with the sight of this strange panel that kept fans of the show spellbound for a week. The mystery was lifted Tuesday evening from the start of the second episode. The eliminated candidates have in fact the choice between continuing the game by relying only on themselves or leaving the adventure. Ugo the Catalan and Karima, eliminated last week, have chosen to stay.

They were directed to a deserted and inhospitable island called the Island of the Banished. The next eliminated, who will choose to stay in the adventure, will be directed to this island. They will soon be tested in an arena. The two best will be reinstated in the initial group, to the surprise of the candidates still in play, during the reunification.

For the individual immunity test, the boys had to show skill. Place coconuts in baskets located ten meters away at the end of a course. Loïc won the event followed by Teheiura. Two places which ensured immunity during the council of the same evening. Patrick and Laurent came last and got a vote against them for the council.

On the girls’ side, the individual immunity test was a classic of “Koh-Lanta”. Standing on a pontoon at the edge of the water, their feet on a wooden shelf, they had to stay still, holding a handle behind their back, knowing that the rope at the end of the handle lengthened regularly. Cindy and Christelle were the first to fall into the water. Clémence, a candidate from Ariège, won the event, even setting the record in 42 minutes. Jade, the Toulousaine, came second. The two young women obtained an immunity amulet.

At the end of the vote in the council, the two winners Loïc and Clémence obtained a surprise advantage from the host Denis Brogniart: appoint a candidate from the opposing team so that he remains in the game. chose Alexandra with whom he had shared “Koh-Lanta: the 4 Lands”. A choice that saved the young woman who should have been eliminated at the end of the count. The jovial Cindy paid the price and was eliminated. On the boys’ side, Patrick collected the most votes against him and was eliminated. Even without this surprise advantage, the result of the votes would have been unchanged.

Cindy and Patrick have joined the Island of the Outcast. Before leaving, each one asked their team who had voted against her or him, which the candidates readily admitted. Would there be revenge in the air for the next few episodes? The duo Karima / Cindy promises to make sparks …

The third episode will be broadcast in two weeks to make way for the France / Finland football match next Tuesday.