‘La Casa de Papel’: Is this the reason why the series is narrated by Tokyo?

From the beginning, the character of Úrsula Corberó is the one who has narrated the events. As if he were a superior being and knew everything, why?

During the five seasons of The Money Heist We have heard the voice of Úrsula Corberó telling us how they carried out the biggest coup of the century at the National Mint and Timbre Factory and, later, at the Bank of Spain. Why turn to Tokyo and not The Professor (Álvaro Morte) as the narrator of the story, since it was he who devised the plan? And Berlin, with that radio announcer’s voice that attracts all our attention?

If you want the quick answer you will find it in the documentary The Paper House: The Phenomenon. At, the creators say that Tokio is the narrator because she was the protagonist of the fiction. When they designed the project, they decided to cast her as the main character and it made perfect sense for her to tell what had happened to her. This is the most obvious and simple reason why it is she who narrates, but the writers have managed to give it a sense at the end of the fifth installment.

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Watch out, SPOILERS! If you have not seen season 5 of ‘La Casa de Papel’ do not continue reading

We know about The Professor’s plans thanks to Tokyo, who is reeling off what happened from a higher place. It does not count it in real time, but uses the past tense, as if it has already been through it and is recapitulating. It could seem that Tokyo was telling this story to someone. Maybe a son of his, an acquaintance, someone in jail … But after the end of the first part of the fifth season, the narrator role takes on another nuance.

After Tokyo’s death, the character detaches himself from the assault on the Bank of Spain. Before sacrificing himself, he emulates the first sentences he says in the series: “I’m more like running away. In body and soul. And if I can’t take my body, unless my soul escapes. His soul is still alive and he witnesses what happens at the bank. From that omnipresence he can objectively tell everything that happens and guide the viewer more efficiently.

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At this point, it must be remembered that The Money Heist was born as a two-season miniseries. It is very likely that Álex Pina did not imagine that end for Tokyo in 2017, but they have managed to fit the pieces despite lengthening it in an unexpected way.

Many wonder who will narrate the events after Tokyo. If we accept that she tells it from a kind of Beyond there is no question for debate: it will continue to be her. If, on the other hand, the team of the series has wanted to end the character forever -which we doubt because all those who have died have continued to appear through ‘flashbacks’-, perhaps we will begin to hear the voice of The Professor.

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