‘La Casa de Papel’ unleashes fan madness: from panic in the streets by two children to tattoos of Úrsula Corberó’s face

The followers of the acclaimed Spanish Netflix series do not leave anyone indifferent.

The fifth season of La Casa de Papel has once again positioned itself in the most watched on Netflix. The fandom of this Spanish series is spread all over the world and some of its followers have starred in the odd show. The last have been two children masked in a town in Tuscany, in Italy.

The Money Heist has given countless anecdotes around the globe. From robberies inspired by the series to tattoos as realistic as having the actor or actress stamped on the skin. On this occasion the focus has shifted to Italy, to town of Orbetello, where two teenagers have disguised themselves with the Dalí masks that they use in La Casa de Papel, the characteristic red jumpsuit from fiction and (toy) machine guns to spread panic in the streets of the place.

This caused some of the 15,000 inhabitants that make up this almost peninsular town to be alarmed. So much fuss has been created by these two young men that they even made the Carabineri will mobilize to find them and stop them, since some of the citizens they came across were very scared as to whether they were real robbers or terrorists.

Four police crews with bulletproof vests were in charge of locating the adolescents, who, upon seeing the response of the security body, quickly took off their masks and they justified arguing that they were playing The House of Papel, as reported by local media.

The robberies that have arisen after ‘La Casa de Papel’

The precarious reaction of the Italian police force is not surprising, since all over the world there have been many robbers who have used this typical clothing to carry out robberies. However, and fortunately, this time everything was a joke. If there is something that fans of the series have, it is imagination and it seems that this will not be the last time we see some other fan of fiction wrapped in disguise and starring in the odd event.

But not all of them are robberies or mischief, some of the most loyal fans of fiction have given some great moments, like the one that took place in the promotion of the third season of the series in Milan. During the event, a fan was at the photocall trying to get the attention of the cast. Once they stopped photographing the actors and actresses, the individual came out of the audience and showed Úrsula Corberó the tattoo that had made his face on the right legto. A moment that will remain for the posterity of the premiere of the series.