‘La Casa de Papel’: Úrsula Corberó talks about a possible Tokyo spin-off

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The first part of the fifth and final season of the series created by Álex Pina is now available on Netflix.

The Money Heist it is a clear success all over the world. After airing on Antena 3 and giving it up for lost, when Netflix added it to its catalog, it became world famous. Up to the level of reliving it for up to five seasons.

For this reason, it is not surprising that the acclaimed platform streaming dIt is decided to extend this success by carrying out the odd spin-off. This is what we have asked Úrsula Corberó in a recent interview with SensaCine, which you can see in full above these lines, about If you think Tokyo could have a series of its own about its past with René (Miguel Ángel Silvestre):

I had already thought about it, really. And it could be, because I think … When I read the scripts and saw that this thing about why Tokyo had ended as it had ended, I found it very interesting too. Because as there is so much hatred towards this character on the part of the audience, I thought it was very interesting that she gave the character the opportunity to explain and understand the reason for all this.

The actress continues to emphasize how Tokyo’s past thus brings to the plot a necessary moment in the series’ darkest moments:

I think it is a very beautiful story and the flashbacks always give a lot of freshness to the series and I think it is also very necessary in this last season where everything is more ‘dark’ than ever

SPOILERS: Important details from the end of the first pair are revealed belowat

With the definitive death of tokyo In the fifth episode of La Casa de Papel, entitled ‘Vivir many lives’ (5×05), a spin-off about her life as a robber with René before he dies could be a hit. Although everything remains in the air for now until Netflix decides what to do with it.


This fifth and final season has been divided into two parts, the first of which was released this September 3 and the second will do so. next December 3, dsaying goodbye forever to The Money Heist.

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As Pedro Alonso has advanced in the interview with SensaCine, after these first five more episodes of the action-packed war style, the remaining five will focus more on emotion to close the plots of the protagonists What will the band do now without Tokyo and Helsinki injured?