‘La Casa de Papel’: What does the critic say about season 5? Worth?

We meet again with the group of The Professor in the assault on the Bank of Spain. After a disturbing ending in the fourth installment, how will they get out of this one?

The day has come. Season 5 of The Money Heist has been released on Netflix. With these new five chapters -the ones that make up the first volume- we return to the Bank of Spain to find out how the Band is doing in the assault and discover the plans of The Professor, who is not at his best. This batch of episodes comes three years after its supposed end and, although viewers have appreciated the extension, has it been worth lengthening the fiction? What does the critic say about the new The Money Heist?

Our colleagues from Espinof they point out that “the Netflix series entrusts everything to adrenaline with uneven results.” It was already anticipated by the creator Álex Pina, they wanted the first volume of the fifth installment to feel like the end of the series and for this they have opted for unlimited action. This gives rise to a “feeling of endless climax”, points out Mikel Zorrilla in his criticism, “limit situations accumulate so that the rhythm does not falter”, which leaves you exhausted.

For Berto Molina, from The confidential, the first two episodes recall why fiction “has reached the top”, at the same time that they surprise with the evolution of certain characters – watch out for Alicia Sierra and Lisboa. The creators have chosen “the wild way and they will use all their weapons in the best possible way”. Of course, spectacularity is the order of the day and action goes above everything else, but the series gives the public what it has asked for so far and reinforces its protagonists.

The international press has also shared his opinion. Ed Power from The Telegraph, gives the new season 4 stars out of 5 and compares it to Fast and Furious. “Pseudo-villains also defy the laws of physics while performing hilarious feats. The Money Heist it has fewer cars that explode, but it’s also incendiary and dumb in a good way. “. The critic highlights the new addition, Rafael (Patrick Criado), the son of Berlin (Pedro Alonso), who has also been mentioned by other means.

Metro He has also prepared a review, in which he assures that it is “more explosive than ever”. Sabrina Barr writes that if they have decided to open the season with an “incredible show of action -which may seem premature to some- […]How do you plan to close it? “. It warns that it is going to be a series that will be missed after its outcome and that it brings freshness to a television panorama crammed with “criminal dramas.”

Úrsula Corberó on season 5 of ‘La Casa de Papel’: “I recommend the viewer not to lower their guard”

The conclusion is that, as in many other fictions, for some the meaning of the series has been lowered with each new season. Everything that made The Money Heist It was an international phenomenon – the adrenaline, the turns of The Professor, the action – it has ended up being a bit repetitive. However, others claim that they exploit it to the fullest in season nine and it is precisely in that display of adrenaline that is its strong point. In any case, are you looking for an action series that will entertain you this weekend? The first five episodes of season 5 of The Money Heist they await you on Netflix.