Lombez and Samatan: the music school will restart on Monday, September 20

The Harmonie de la Save music school (EDM) in Lombez-Samatan is preparing to receive students from Monday, September 20. Registrations are made this week, until Saturday September 11. A pre-entry meeting for teachers and the board took place in early September.

On the menu for this new school year, a novelty: the EDM proposes to open the discovery class of instruments to adults. “Our priority: to revitalize harmony by attracting more young musicians”, announces Philippe Gatti, the president. He insisted on the institution’s overall objective: to train students individually to integrate them into small internal musical groups at school if they so wished for the Fête de la musique 2022. “The two previous years have been difficult. but we have been able to adapt, to reinvent ourselves so that music continues to be part of our daily lives. The school has succeeded, thanks to local communities, the State, students, their parents, teachers, friendly associations and to the volunteers to pass this period and to the students and artists to finally be able to perform on stage during the Fête de la Musique. been offered “.

Extracurricular interventions will continue. The music school offers 11 different instruments including the double bass, violin and ukulele; a musical awakening from 5 years old; an instrument discovery class for children and adults; private lessons of instruments for children and adults; music theory for children and adults; to integrate a multi-instrument musical training Harmonie de la Save and multigenerations and with the conductor Sarah Meguellati, from 3 years of apprenticeship; workshops for playing together, supervised by professionals; interventions in schools and extracurriculars financed by the community of the communes of Savès and carried out by musicians in the field. An employee acts as coordinator, Céline Pescié. Information on