Lot. Gourdon’s music school resumes its score

the essential
Registrations begin this Friday, September 3 at the Gourdon music school. Wind instruments or choral ensemble, for all ages, individually or in group lessons: there is something for everyone.

The municipal music school of Gourdon Catherine-Schollaërt offers a wide range of training and activities for students of all ages. The structure located at Place Noël-Poujade has twelve levels of musical training, 24 instrumental and vocal classes, as well as nine collective workshops, led by a team of thirteen teachers.

With significant initiatives and cultural influence, the school actively contributes to the life and socio-cultural activities of Gourdon and the Lot department. The teachers participate in school and extracurricular activities, with a musical discovery based on song, rhythms and bodily awakening. Interventions take place at the crèche, at the nursery assistants’ relay and in nursery and primary schools.
Among the instruments and individual lessons offered, we can mention the recorder, the saxophone, the piccolo or the clarinet in the woodwind family. Brass side: trumpet, cornet, tuba and trombone are taught. For strings, we find the classics violin, viola, cello, guitar. And in the family of keyboards: piano, chromatic accordion and organ.

Lyrical art, music history, rock group …

The school also offers courses in vocal technique and lyrical art (children, adolescents and adults of all levels), as well as drums, percussions, electric guitar and string bass. Without forgetting the traditional music (traditional violin, diatonic accordion, bagpipes). There are of course group lessons: musical awakening (for 3-6 year olds), musical training for children and adults, music history. As well as collective workshops: beginners orchestra, jazz, singing traditional music ensemble, percussion ensemble, or variety-rock group.
This day of Friday September 3 is devoted to administrative registrations and meeting with teachers; meeting from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the schoolyard and in the Francis-Poulenc room.
For other information: the registration form and prices can be downloaded from the school’s website at www.musiqueagourdon.jimdo.com, and must be returned before September 30. Finally, it should be noted that the music school will be present on Sunday, September 5, at the Forum du sport et de la culture de Gourdon, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Poussie site.