Lottery of Anurag Basu of Kasauti, except Erica, will now have a blast with Alia Bhatt

Lottery of Anurag Basu of Kasauti, except Erica, will now have a blast with Alia Bhatt

Actor Partha Samthan (Parth Samthaan), who won the hearts of everyone by becoming Anurag Basu in the serial Kasauti Zindagi key 2, is going to make a digital debut soon. After this show, Parth’s luck has shone and he is planning to enter Bollywood after OTT. Parth has big plans to step into Bollywood. He is going to work with Alia Bhatt. Leaving Erica Fernandes, Parth will be seen romancing Alia.

Parth Samathan, I am speaking Hero, is going to step on the OTT platform from the web series. According to Spotboy’s report, Parth has got an opportunity to work with Alia in Bollywood. However, Parth had not yet confirmed this news. But now this has been revealed in a special interview. Parth has not given much information about this but he is very excited about his upcoming film.

Parth Samthan said about his Bollywood debut- Yes it is true and I will be shooting the film this year. I am very excited about this. The film is currently in pre-production face. You know some outsider will come into the industry and all things will be right. Whether he is a director of music. It is important for everyone to be good. When such a big opportunity comes into your hands, you do not want to leave it. I will give my 100 percent for this film and I want everything to go well.

Partha said I am wishing for the best. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, things are moving forward. Because of this, some things are getting late. Changed Chocolate Boy Image for Web Series Partha is busy shooting Ekta Kapoor’s web series Main Hero Bol Hoon. Parth told that for this series, he has left his chocolate boy image. He has given credit to Ekta Kapoor. Parth said- Ekta always reminded him how important it is for an actor that he should not stay locked in one thing.

Parth does not watch his serial
Partha Samthan has told in a recent interview that he does not watch any of his serials. He has not watched more than 10-12 episodes of his show. He says that he does not like to see himself on screen.


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