Lourdes: the Alliance Musicale de Lourdes was born, towards the end of duplicate associations?

the essential
The two musical associations of Lourdes are now united under the banner of the Alliance Musicale de Lourdes. The town hall hopes to have initiated a dynamic to avoid duplicate associations.

It was during a general assembly which took place at the Lacour building that the marriage of reason and love for music between the EML and the UML officially materialized, in the presence of many members. from the now Alliance Musicale de Lourdes and elected officials, including the mayor of Lourdes, Thierry Lavit. Pierre Mur, now president and Rodolphe Boulent, vice-president did not hide their satisfaction: “It was in progress, we moved because we were at the castle of Soum both and today, here, we share the local with our friends at the Accordion Club. We wanted to get closer and we have already had the opportunity to do so during the Sainte-Cécile which was common. Thanks to this Alliance, we are also pooling our resources. “
A general assembly which was also an opportunity to unveil the projects which are now common: “We also want to do things that interest young people, so we have updated the repertoire. Of course, we keep classical and jazz but we open more to film music or variety. We also want to promote instruments that invite collective practice, people need to have a feeling of belonging to a group to experience convivial moments ”.

Avoid duplicates

A new adventure for these music lovers, supported by the municipality in a city where duplicates in terms of associations, whether cultural or sporting, are like a trademark.
A moment full of solemnity which opens up perspectives and could inspire other associations. In any case, this is the wish of the mayor, who also attended EML when he was younger: “I experienced the separation of UML and EML and 43 years later, I am ‘remember, it was very painful for the musicians. It seemed to me opportune to work on this, to federate the means and that succeeded, thanks to the intelligence of the two presidents who united these two groups. It is a very good signal at a time when the city’s finances are being cut.
An opinion shared by Sylvie Mazurek, deputy in charge of culture: “This merger will make it possible to offer a wider range and we must work in this vision with other associations, particularly cultural”.

Find the Lourdes Musical Alliance on Facebook where a dedicated page has just been created.