Love is in the meadow: she sells her house and asks to be transferred before even meeting the farmer

the essential
The second episode of “Love is in the meadow” broadcast Monday evening on M6 allowed to discover new farmers and the first stays of the pretenders on the farm.

Stuffed animal heads and bodies as decoration in the dining room. The decor of the house of Franck, a sylviculturist in Charente-Maritime, does not go unnoticed in “Love is in the meadow”. The 46-year-old farmer, who remained a virgin until the age of 40 after his education with the Jesuits, is an imposing fellow, with a shaved head, smiling and jovial.

What did he come looking for on the show? A woman “nice, especially nice, I hate crooked girls, calculators, I want her to be honest above all”. And to specify: “It is better a beating than a loach”. For the physique: “No more than two steres” and with “good cheeks”. Franck has character and defines himself as “a head of bacon with a tender heart hidden inside”. Fifteen women have succumbed to the call of the forest.

The British-looking silviculturist fell in love with Anne-Lise, a 40-year-old literature teacher, mother of two children aged 10 and 7, who did not go unnoticed! By its look first, not current, it is defined as “modern but a little offbeat”. By his words then. Even before meeting Franck, she confessed to him having put her house up for sale and asked to be transferred to join him! Stupefaction of Franck (“you put a terrible pressure on me!”) And of the host Karine Le Marchand who comments on the meetings by interposed screen.

The determination of Anne-Lise has not escaped the notice of Internet users.

Between the compliments of Franck (“you’re too beautiful”) and the compliments of Anne-Lise (“you have beautiful eyes”, “you have the build to fit me”), the current quickly passed between farmer and his contender. It must be said that the candidate has many points in common. She even plays the bagpipes! Franck did not imagine that it was “the kind of chick within his reach”.

Franck chose to invite Anne-Lise and Cécile to the farm, who was his favorite with the letters sent, a farmer daughter also from New Aquitaine with “eyes like tractor beacons”.

They will stay at Franck’s home in a future episode of “Love is in the meadow”.