Love is in the meadow: this candidate has received more than a thousand letters from contenders!

the essential
The new season of “Love is in the meadow” begins again this Monday, August 30. One candidate does not go unnoticed: Vincent, a horse breeder in Provence. More than a thousand young women have written to him!

There are seasons in “Love is in the Meadow” where applicants receive only a few letters. Vincent, him, explodes the counters. Since the broadcast of his portrait at the beginning of the year on M6, this Andalusian horse breeder from Provence has attracted many viewers. He has received over a thousand letters!

This young smiling quadra with an advantageous physique, divorced and a father of two children, cannot believe it. “I hallucinated to receive so many”, he explains in the Parisian. If the contenders put their strengths aside, even if it means retouching the photos, Vincent made a radical decision: not to look at the photos, not to focus on the physical and to rely solely on the letters for his choice. “I wanted to change my thought patterns and focus on the essentials.” It is also a way of breaking his playboy image.

As is the rule of the show, he had to select two suitors who were able to come and stay on his ranch, near Saint-Rémy-de-Provence with a magnificent view of the Alpilles mountain range. Their profile will be discovered in the coming weeks.

Atypical profiles

Two candidates are from Occitania in this new season: Delphine, a 47-year-old organic arborist from Tarn-et-Garonne who is looking for a woman and Jean-François, a 48-year-old sheep breeder from Ariège.

Eleven farmers are participating in this new season of “Love is in the meadow”. They are between 28 and 62 years old and each have more atypical profiles. Due to Covid-19, like last year, farmers opened their mail at home. Farmer / pretender weekends took place in France and meetings were even made by … videoconference!