Love is in the meadow: “today, I have no regrets” assures Jean-François, the Ariège breeder

the essential
Jean-François, the breeder from Ariège that we will see tomorrow evening during the speed dating stage, returned to the shooting of the show and the experience of reality TV.

Cap screwed on his head and smirk, it’s relatively relaxed that Jean-François settles down on his terrace to discuss his experience of Love is in the meadow. “It must be said that this is not the first time that I am on television. A team had already come to see me to do a report for Pernaut’s newspaper. And then, they also came to see me a second time during the confinement “, indicates Jean-François, before adding that” it is still not comparable with the experience of a reality TV “.

The program, which was shot in several stages and which was spread over nearly twelve months between the selections and the last days of assessment with farmers, inevitably leaves traces among the participants. “It’s quite intense anyway, even if there are several weeks of off between each part of the show. For me, the most intense was when Karine Le Marchand and her teams came for two days in mid-November. to paint my portrait. There were 11 on the first day and 15 on the second! It’s a bit odd. And then there were the speed dates in Paris too, where I arrived on Friday afternoon to return on Sunday evening “, specifies Jean-François.

On the other hand, and one could say surprisingly, the whole game that took place in the house with the suitors does not seem to have confused the breeder. “This part lasted five days, from Thursday to Monday. Well, I have to say that there is a kind of schedule to respect, but we get used to it. The cameras are there from the moment you get up. until the moment you turn off the light in your room at night, not before. We feel that there is a certain “scenario” to respect but we play along, it’s a blow to take! , they are “only” five, between the two cameramen, the two sound recorders and the journalist. “

But if the shooting remains intense, other things could have disturbed Jean-François. “Choosing was very complicated for me. I would have preferred to meet only one person but hey, it’s the game. Already, in Paris, it was complicated to retain two contenders out of five and it was still so. more after the week at the farm “, specifies Jean-François, who had been described in his portrait as” a great sensitive, romantic “.

But fortunately for Jean-François, “even if everything goes very quickly in this program, I can still say today that I have no regrets”.

“real support”

There is the before and the after reality show. If participation in this type of program does impact the candidate, some like Jean-François have been able to benefit from support from relatives. “I had only good feedback from this experience, even when I informed my relatives that I was going to participate in the show. Some pushed me, like my friend Carine who signed me up. My family was also supportive, my children were delighted. The farmers around me also told me that it was good. I was supported on both sides and it feels good. It was a real support for Me. It is also what made that I lived my adventure well. “