Love is in the meadow: “Were you upset to see me?” Asks Hervé le Picard

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The new season of “Love is in the Meadow” began Monday night on M6. Viewers witnessed the meetings of the first three farmers with their suitors. Hervé, a peasant from Picardy, did not go unnoticed.

Finally find love, have children and start a family. This is what Hervé, 43, a dairy cow breeder in the Somme, came to look for in “Love is in the meadow”. This farmer, who still lives with his parents, has never had sex in his life. “The page is blank,” as he says. He just exchanged a few kisses with a woman twenty years ago.

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Generous, serious, shy, the farmer with a northern accent received three letters from suitors: Hélène, a 39-year-old nurse, who was Hervé’s favorite after reading his mail: she met Hervé in video because she had not been able to free herself because of her work. The other contenders were Stéphanie, a 40-year-old caregiver from Orne, a farmer’s daughter, and Vanessa, a 32-year-old home help. The meetings took place in Paris last spring.

If Hélène was Hervé’s favorite, she admitted during the remote meeting that she was reluctant to have other children and that moving to Picardy should be discussed. Stéphanie, she told Hervé that she had fallen in love. It was then that the farmer replied: “Were you upset to see me?”, Eliciting a burst of laughter from the host Karine Le Marchand who was watching the meeting on a screen. Hervé and Stéphanie looked at each other with great intensity in their eyes. The young woman admitted to being “under the spell”. With Vanessa the third contender, Hervé was moved by her story: the young woman was left by the father of her child during her pregnancy six years ago.

Hervé, the Picard farmer, admits that he could not have participated in the show a year ago. “Time goes by and you realize that you are missing out on your life”, comments the breeder. Today he has “no more barriers, no more blockages”.

Hervé, who could only choose two suitors, finally selected Stéphanie and Vanessa. The young women stayed on the farm of Hervé and his parents in the Somme last April. Images to discover next Monday this fall.