‘Lucifer’: Netflix reveals the 6 keys that will mark the final goodbye of the series in season 6

The final stretch of 10 episodes premieres in full on the streaming platform this Friday, September 10.

The season 6 of Lucifer premieres this Friday, September 10 on Netflix and, unlike its fifth installment, its 10 episodes will see the light at the same time, thus providing the definitive end of the story to its millions of followers around the world. Fans have not had to wait long between the two seasons, since, after the shutdown of the industry, the team led by Joe Henderson got down to work with the filming of the two installments, one after the other.

The followers of the series starring Tom Ellis have also been lucky to enjoy this final installment, since the initial idea, and this was announced at first, was that the fifth be the last. However, finally a sixth would be commissioned that would not change the plans for the fifth too much, which kept its end, but which will give us the opportunity to see how Lucifer Morningstar copes in his new role as God.

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About the final season of Lucifer We have been learning numerous details since the fifth installment saw the light last May, including an animated episode, a musical episode, new threats and other advanced revelations in the trailer that heads these lines. Nevertheless, Netflix has dedicated to one of its most successful series a fun video full of keys that will mark season 6. We have compiled them and you can see them listed below:

1. Dream locations


The sixth season of Lucifer promises to surprise with its locations and has introduced some new ones in this 10-episode batch that promise to delight fans. The streaming platform is reluctant to provide more specific details about what will happen between its corridors, but one of the chapters that make up the sixth installment has been shot in full at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, a nightclub for lovers of the Magic.

Likewise, the team has also used the Disney Concert Hall for one of its plots, while the Luxe Club is actually the Central Tower Hotel in Hollywood.

2. Start with a timeskip

It may only have been four months between the premiere of the fifth and sixth seasons, but the plots will not pick up exactly where they left off in May, when Lucifer Morningstar defeated his own brother and became the new God.

That there would be a time jump, however, we did know. This was confirmed TVLine at the beginning of last February, although, yes, let’s not hope it will be very long, but only time will have passed Enough that Chloe (Lauren German) is wondering why her boyfriend hasn’t gotten the hang of his new job yet. And it is that, the change will not be easy for Lucifer.

3. Where are each of the characters?


Starting with Lucifer … The former demon now turned God will not be having his best professional moment, since he will be quite lost, but emotionally, however, everything will be going favorably, with the Morningstar and Chloe settling down to his new life as an inseparable couple.

For their part, Maze and Eve will also be grappling with their relationship and some of their main differences, which are many, while Amenadiel is training and working hard in her new role as a cop. Finally, She will be focused on a frog that seems to predict the arrival of the Apocalypse and also obsessed with a sock?

4. Lucifer is the new God … but he needs help

He was great at being the King of Hell, a police assistant and a nightclub owner, but in his new role as God Lucifer Morningstar will be dead lost and in need of help. He will not hesitate to ask his psychologist, who does not give credit for the important news. However, her main support is and will continue to be Chloe.


5. A New Threat: Rory

The arrival of a rebel angel willing to kill him will be one of the main problems that the protagonist has to face in this new installment, although not the only one. Who is Rory (Brianna Hildebrand) and what the hell is she looking for?

6. Dan comes back

We also knew that Dan, although deceased in season 5 would continue to appear in the final stretch of Lucifer. The special Netflix video doesn’t want to reveal too much, but at least we know that it will have something to do with Rory’s plot and that it is probably not the only one.

You can watch the funny Netflix video below:

Are you looking forward to the final stretch of Lucifer? The new episodes will premiere on September 10 on Netflix.

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