‘Lucifer’: Release date, return of characters, the new God and everything we know about season 6

A musical episode? An animated one? The expected ‘I love you’? The final stretch begins for its denouement.

The countdown begins to say goodbye to Netflix’s favorite fallen angel. Season 5 of Lucifer It has already premiered the rest of the episodes that it had to broadcast and the last batch of episodes remains to be revealed. The real one, the one that will end the Tom Ellis series. As you know, fiction was going to end with this installment, but the streaming company decided to extend it at the last moment, giving great joy to the large group of followers it has.

‘Lucifer’: Netflix reveals the 6 keys that will mark the final goodbye of the series in season 6

Season 6 of Lucifer It will be where this journey will end. Already recorded and ready for the final touch-ups, we know more details than usual. For example, that it will host a very special event for the fans, that the title of the last + episode anticipates a beautiful ending for the protagonists or that there will be very important changes for several characters.

Release date of season 6 of ‘Lucifer’

The season 6 of Lucifer It will premiere on September 10 on Netflix. The last season consists of 10 episodes that will see the light in a single batch and not divided into two as the fifth installment has been released.

How is Lucifer going to return?

Chloe and Lucifer seem set to have a beautiful ending, but the changes of plans when renewing for a new installment have left fans wondering many questions after the end of season 5. The last episodes of the newly released installment have been full of ups and downs for the couple. Chloe (Lauren German) dies in Lucifer’s arms and ascends to heaven, making it unlikely that the two will see each other again.

But who do we find shortly after? Lucifer himself, who has been able to ascend without dying instantly by wearing Lilith’s ring, which gives him immortality. He also discovers that when a person faces their guilt in Hell, they can ascend.

Their meeting causes a lot of dilemma. Chloe is very comfortable enjoying a pleasant evening with her father, but her daughter Trixie is waiting for her on Earth. At the same time, Lilith’s ring is running out of power and Lucifer must decide whether to use it to save Chloe. The fallen angel puts the ring on Chloe’s ring finger – the engagement one! – and tells her that he loves her. Chloe is alive again on Earth, but Lucifer has remained in the Afterlife.

Lucifer’s future

There are many questions surrounding the future of Lucifer Morningstar. One of them is how he is going to return from heaven, but there are also many things to explain around his new role after his father retires. Is it God now? Perhaps now that he is accepted by both worlds – good and bad – Lucifer will become the Almighty. It will certainly be a very interesting story to watch in the new episodes.

As they have announced the advances, this new role will be a headache for the protagonist. Season 6 of Lucifer returns with a timeskip, thus we discover that the fallen angel has problems with his functions and needs help.

Dan’s return

One of the biggest surprises at the end of the fifth season is the death of Dan. It was Kevin Alejandro himself – the actor who plays him – who asked the ‘showrunners’ for a tragic turn for his character. Of course, that was before knowing that Lucifer would continue with a new installment. As he has stated in an interview with TVLine, the creators have found a way to bring you back.

‘Lucifer’: This character will continue in season 6 despite its tragic end

“They found a way to bring me back. Not in the way people expect and maybe not with such a big role, but I was able to be there in the end.“, assures Alejandro. Therefore, all the fans who were saddened by his loss, can breathe a sigh of relief. They will be able to say goodbye as he deserves.

A secret event that will make fans “extremely happy”

Season 5 of Lucifer It has been designed as if it were the last of the character, making there are moments as special as the musical chapter, the animated one or the ‘I love you’ from Lucifer to Chloe. However, that does not mean that there are no highlights to take out.

DB Woodside, the actor who plays Amenadiel, warned that there was a big event in the final season that was going to be talked about. “Yes, there is a big event that happens in season 6 and i know none of the ways i can talk about it. But it’s something that is going to make the fans extremely happy. ”Bets are opened.